Determine Your Eligibility and Grant Type

The first step of applying for a PacificSource Foundation for Health Improvement grant is determining if your organization falls within the scope of our funding, as well as the type of grant applicable to your project.

Strategic Grants — Developing Strategies

The Foundation partners with community organizations that meet the IRS’s requirement for a tax exempt organization. We’re interested in health care innovations and community health and wellness strategies that:

  • Improve access to high-quality healthcare,
  • Test and implement innovative care models,
  • Improve community health, and/or
  • Lower costs across the system.

The Foundation is supportive of collaborative approaches to addressing community health issues and we welcome proposals developed by partnerships and coalitions with clearly articulated strategies. We will consider capacity building proposals that correspond with our priorities and areas of focus. We are not interested in funding ongoing programming and will not fund marketing or advocacy.

Strategic grants may be one-time or multi-year.

Healthcare Access Grants — Meeting a Specific Need

The Foundation targets 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations providing healthcare services (including physical, mental, behavioral and oral healthcare) to meet the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations in the communities PacificSource Health Plans serves. Priority will be given to safety net organizations serving children and youth, as well as adults with barriers to care.

One-year Healthcare Access grants

One-year Healthcare Access grants support organizations in meeting a one-time need or in filling a short-term service gap of a service that has been identified by the community. These grants are intended to support existing services and are not aimed at piloting a new model. As a general rule, subsequent applications for the same service or program will not be accepted. One-year grant proposals may also be accepted from organizations that are new to the Foundation, but may be appropriate for future multi-year funding opportunities. 

Multi-year Health Care Access grants

Multi-year Healthcare Access grants are awarded to core healthcare safety net organizations* to assist with general operations and/or special projects. These organizations must have demonstrated expertise in providing care to vulnerable populations and have a funding history with the PacificSource Foundation. 

Applicants may apply for up to three years of funding, without submission of a new application each year. Successive years of funding will only be considered upon receipt of a progress report with adequate progress toward goals. Proposals will be considered in amounts up to $30,000 per year, but grant amounts may not comprise more than 20 percent of the organization’s total budget.

*Examples include community-sponsored clinics, federally qualified health centers, school-based health center, community-based mental health programs, and other programs whose mission is to serve people with barriers to care.

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Contact Information

Marian Blankenship
VP of Community Strategy/Foundation Executive Director
Phone: (541) 684-5221 or (800) 624-6052