Need a PacificSource Member ID Card?

Always show your ID card at your doctor's office or pharmacy. Your ID card gives providers the information they need to submit claims on your behalf.

If you're a new member:

If you haven't already received one, a member ID card will be mailed to your home soon. If you need to order prescriptions or access medical services before your new ID card arrives, you can print a temporary ID card.

Note: Be sure to check the effective date on your card. If your plan starts at a future date (for example, the first of next month), you'll need to wait until that date to use your plan benefits.

If you're a current member:

Please call Customer Service or visit InTouch for Members to request a new ID card. From InTouch, you can also print a temporary ID card to use until your replacement card arrives.

Note: Your temporary ID card shows how you are covered on the day you print the card. If your plan is renewing or changing soon, be sure to stop using the temporary ID card once those changes take effect. Either print a new temporary ID card, or make sure you've received your ID card in the mail.

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Last updated 9/28/2016