Ten Ways to Be More Active as a Family

Showing your family members how to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring. Engaging in physical activity as a family unit can be a fun way to get everyone moving. Active play energizes you and gives you a sense of optimism that a fitness class or video can’t replicate. If the activity feels like a responsibility, it isn’t likely to be continued. Here are a few activity ideas to get you and your family started on a path to a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Make daily activity part of your family's routine.
  2. Get a dog (and walk the dog).
  3. Plant a garden.
  4. Have a screen-free day.
  5. Have a family dance party.
  6. Clean your house a little every day.
  7. Ride bikes together instead of driving somewhere.
  8. Play! Throw a Frisbee, kick a ball, play tag.
  9. Go for a family walk after dinner.
  10. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or at a playground. Use a variety of obstacles to challenge individual skills. Let the kids get creative with incorporating some of their favorite sporting equipment.

Source: letsmove.gov

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Last updated 5/8/2018