Eight Easy and Affordable Health Tips

When you consider the cost of gym memberships, yoga, Pilates, spinning, cross fit—you name it—the costs to stay fit can really add up! If you are on a mission to save some money, or just commit to a more active lifestyle, here are some affordable health tips to consider:

  1. Keep it local. Connect with your local parks and recreation to find out what programs they have to offer. Many provide low-cost health and wellness courses, physical activity classes, or even free trial memberships.
  2. Use your body. Ditch the expensive equipment and try using your body weight to build strength and cardiovascular endurance. Exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges, and wall sits will help you lean up while targeting all major muscle groups. Activities like running and walking are great, free options for getting the recommended amounts of daily cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Tap into your health plan. Many health plans, including PacificSource, provide a variety of value-added wellness offerings that can help you stay on the path to better health while saving money. For example, PacificSource offers reimbursements for taking health classes through your local hospital. Other benefits include discounts on gym memberships and weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers® and Jenny Craig®.
  4. Try an online coupon. Online coupon stores, like Groupon®, and LivingSocial®, often offer great deals on fitness activities, such as rock climbing, yoga, Pilates, and even sailing lessons. Taking advantage of these deals is a great way to learn something new or add excitement into regular routine.
  5. Download an app or two. Your smartphone can help you keep your costs down when it comes to staying fit. There are numerous free apps like DailyBurn™, MyFitnessPal, and Nike® Training Club, that can help you manage your weight, track your activity, and add variety into your workout, all while being in the palm of your hand.
  6. Play in the park. Instead of meeting friends for happy hour after work, try heading outdoors and bringing your favorite games to the park. Frisbee, bocce ball, croquet, even a simple game of catch can be fun and help you save money and burn extra calories!
  7. Scrub your way to better health. Did you know that a 150-pound person can expect to burn 216 calories with 30 minutes of house cleaning? It might be time to shift your mindset from seeing cleaning as a grueling task into something that is good for your health. It also doesn’t hurt to crank up the tunes while you scrub your way to better health.
  8. Check out exercise videos at the library or find them online. If your library has a video section, chances are they have exercise videos. Check out one or two videos and use them as a cheap and easy way to add more variety into your weekly routine. Additionally, there are tons of online resources that can provide free workout right from the comfort of your living room. Check out online video libraries from well-known magazines like Prevention, Shape, or Men's Fitness. YouTube® and SparkPeople® also have a variety of free online workouts.

Free Online Tools and Resources

As a PacificSource member, you can access CaféWell, an online health engagement portal. To get started, log into InTouch, and then click on the CaféWell button.

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  • Connect with family, friends, and others with similar health goals.
  • Access helpful tips and articles on health and wellness.

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Last updated 4/1/2015