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August 2018 

Bye-bye Paper Forms: Improvements Coming to Online Renewal System 


We’re excited to announce our online renewal system for small groups will soon have expanded functionality! In addition to renewing plans exactly as is, you or the plan administrator will be able to:

  • Renew with a comparable plan
  • Make changes to the plan(s)
  • Make eligibility or probationary changes

Available via InTouch for Agents, the new technology is simple, intuitive, and secure. Best of all, it will expedite the renewal setup, which means materials and ID cards can be sent to your client sooner.

We appreciate the work you do to renew your small group clients with PacificSource, and we want to make that process as easy as possible. Watch your email for more details, coming soon!

Helping Members Make the Mouth-Body Connection 

ConnectionOral health is an important component to overall health—a connection that isn’t always understood. To help people understand this connection, we’ve created a new resource that you can share with your clients. This resource, “How a Healthy Mouth Can Help Your Whole Body,” illustrates:

  • The bond between oral hygiene and other diseases
  • Risk factors
  • How to spot gum disease
  • How to avoid gum disease—the value of dental checkups

This resource is available on our website at > Download a form > select a state > Health and Wellness Programs > “ Mouth-Body Connection,” or access it directly at  

Access-to-Care Tools Help Members Take Charge of Their Health 

FamilyWe’ve created new, digital-friendly resources to encourage members to take an active role in their health, wellness, and quality of care. Our new Health and Wellness Journey Map and updated Doctor Visit Guide offer our members convenient ways to set and document their health goals and progress and collaborate with their provider to help them reach those goals and get the support they need.

Health and Wellness Journey Map

This document was designed to help members organize important information along their health and wellness journey. This resource helps members:

  • Document information about their healthcare providers, appointments, preventive care services, medications, and health insurance
  • List questions they have for their doctor
  • Track blood pressure and test results
  • Identify SMART health and wellness goals

Doctor Visit Guide

The time members have with their provider is invaluable, and we want to help members get the most benefit from that time. Our Doctor Visit Guide walks members through what they should do before, during, and after a visit with their doctor. It explains how to:

  • Prepare a list with questions, things to talk about, medications, and allergies
  • Check insurance benefits before the appointment
  • Communicate with their provider during the appointment
  • Follow up with their doctor after the appointment
  • Find and use resources if they need help understanding their insurance coverage

In addition to the general information provided, this resource includes a worksheet to help members prepare for their visit by completing information that will be useful before, during, and after their visit.

Serving Medicare Clients?

These resources are also available for Medicare members. They can find these resources by visiting, selecting their plan from the Members > My Plan section, and expanding the Resources menu option on the left side of the page. These resources are also available directly at:



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