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September 2018 

Online Small Group Renewal System Will Be Live Soon! 


New functionality to start in mid-September

We shared some great news in our August bulletin about some new functionality that will make renewing your PacificSource small groups even easier.  This new system will be available to you via InTouch for Agents, and it will allow you to:

  • Renew the group “as is” to the comparable plan
  • Make changes to the plan(s), including adding plans
  • Update eligibility or probationary information

How it works

The new technology is simple. At the time that we mail your renewals out, you will receive an email letting you know they are on their way. That email will include a list of your groups that are renewing and a link to InTouch for Agents. Simply:

  1. Sign in to InTouch for Agents.
  2. Under the Groups dropdown menu, select PacificSource Group Renewal.
  3. You'll see a list of your small groups along with their respective renewal dates. Those ready to renew will say “Available to Renew.”
  4. Click on a group to see details for the current renewal option.
  5. Select the appropriate option for the action you wish to take.

    Renewal details screen

Once the renewal is submitted, a renewal confirmation will be generated and sent to PacificSource. The status of the group on the Renewals list will update to show "In Progress." And once it has processed, it will then show "Renewed."

View our guide

Preview the system and learn more about the new functions with our quick guide (PDF). 

Renewal deadlines

If we have not received a confirmation of the renewal decision for a renewing group by the first of the month prior to the renewal month, we will send a similar email to the employer inviting them to access their renewal information online via InTouch for Employers. They will have access to renew, change, or terminate their plan(s).

To ensure that members can access their benefits on the renewal date, we must receive confirmation of the renewal from you or the group (electronically or by paper) by the 20th of the month prior to the renewal month. If it has not been received, we will proceed with processing the renewal to the comparable plan as presented in the renewal information for the group.


We appreciate the work you do to renew your small group clients with PacificSource, and we want to make that process as easy as possible. Using InTouch for Agents to renew your small groups is simple, intuitive, and secure. Best of all, it helps expedite the renewal setup for your clients.



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