Motor vehicle accident in Mexico

   Assist America Wrecked Car  

Derek and his wife Naomi* decided to take a much needed vacation in La Paz, Mexico. The day after they arrived, they were on their way to do some sightseeing and were involved in a car accident.


Naomi had only minor cuts and bruises but Derek, who was on the side of the car that was hit, sustained multiple injuries and needed to go to the hospital. Naomi called Assist America for help. The coordinators contacted the doctor at the emergency room where Derek was brought and were told his injuries included rib fractures, a fractured shoulder blade and a partially fractured arm bone, as well as a small lung puncture that required a chest tube. He also required surgery to repair one of the broken bones in his shoulder. Derek was given pain medication following surgery and Assist America continued to monitor his care throughout his recovery.

When he was ready to be released a week later, Assist America arranged and paid for a first-class ticket for Derek so he could be more comfortable during the flight home and upgraded Naomi’s ticket so she could sit beside him and assist with any needs he might have during travel.

For more details about how to take advantage of this service, please see our Assist America brochure.

*names changed for privacy.

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Last updated 2/22/2019