Alternative Transportation

8 Reasons to Use Alternative Transportation 

Whether it’s wading (and waiting) behind too many cars or being stuck in a construction zone, traffic delays have a way of taxing our patience. No wonder: According to the most recent INRIX Traffic Scorecard, U.S. commuters spend 42 hours in traffic per year and lose $1,400 idling away gas. What to do about all that congestion frustration? Here are eight ways to loosen things up for a better commute:    

  1. Get a little extra exercise. Walk, bike, skateboard, skate, or skip into work. It’ll make getting the recommended amount physical activity each week even easier. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. If possible, build it into your commute.
  2. Enjoy some carpool karaoke. Make your commute a little more enjoyable with some friendly carpool karaoke with your coworkers and friends. Rule #1: Don’t take yourself seriously. The rest is up to you.  
  3. Stress over one less thing. When you choose to take alternative transportation over your own vehicle, you don’t have to stress about gridlock, parking, pedestrians, or other distractions. Let someone else take control, so you can kick back and relax until you get where you need to be.
  4. Give your budget a break. Gas, parking, wear and tear on your vehicle—driving yourself to and from work every day can nickel and dime your budget, which leaves fewer funds for more enjoyable things. Public transportation and your turn at carpool has its own set of expenses, but they still save you in the long run.
  5. Support your community. Public transportation is an integral part of a city’s economic engine. Riding the bus or light rail supports our neighborhoods, local businesses, and civic life—but not necessarily because of the fare you pay. It’s the overall ridership growth that counts; a well-utilized public transportation system creates capital investment, which means jobs, business prosperity, well-functioning communities, and enhanced quality of life.   
  6. Be nice to the environment. Every time you choose to not drive yourself to work—or decide to carpool to give others a chance to keep their cars off the road—you’re limiting gas consumption and reducing carbon emissions. If more people took the environmental high road, we could all breathe easier. 
  7. Take a little “you” time. As soon as you get to work, it’s go-time. When you get home, the same: Chores and responsibilities can’t seem to wait. Embracing alternative transportation gives you a chance to take some time for yourself, especially if your daily commute is a long one. You can call a friend, read a book, get lost in your favorite music, make a new friend, or take some deep meditative breaths. 
  8. Set a good example. Whether it’s among friends, kiddos, or coworkers, people notice the choices you make—especially when you’re consistent with your commitments. If you ride your bike to work, take the bus, or organize a carpool schedule, you’re setting a good example for the people in your life. In sum, you’re making a difference.


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Last updated 12/4/2018