Imaging Technology Speeds Claims Processing

PacificSource utilizes imaging technology for claims submitted on paper. Imaging involves scanning paper documents and electronically storing and displaying an image of the document on a computer screen. In combination with electronic data interchange (EDI), imaging helps us improve efficiency, accuracy, security, and customer service.

How does imaging help?

Most importantly, imaging enhances our customer service to providers and members. It also:

  • Makes data entry much faster and more accurate
  • Gives us the ability to find claims anywhere in our system at any given time
  • Reduces the need for tedious tasks like sorting, batching, and paper handling
  • Keeps our claims data disaster-proof, because magnetic media copies of all claims are stored securely off-site

Guidelines for claims to be imaged

You can help us process your claims faster and more accurately by following these simple guidelines:

  • Submit claims on a HCFA 1500 form.
  • Make sure the print is dark, clear, and free of smudges.
  • Use 10- to 12-point black or blue type.
  • Make sure all information is aligned within the appropriate box.
  • Include only information needed for that claim.
  • Use only one code per service line.
  • Circle any specific pertinent information.
  • Include the diagnosis appropriate to the date of service in Box 21(1).
  • Include any diagnosis corresponding to Box 21(1) in Box 24(E).
  • Include your federal tax ID number in Box 25.

If you have any questions about imaging, contact your PacificSource Provider Representative or call us at (541) 684-5580 or toll-free (800) 624-6052, ext. 2580.

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Last updated 7/31/2013