On-site Biometric Screenings

Note: The biometric screening program is available beginning October 1, 2013, for new large groups and as large groups renew.

Increase Your Employees’ Risk Awareness

Understanding the health of your employee population is necessary when developing wellness programs that address the unique needs of your workforce. Hosting an on-site biometric screening will allow you to capture the data needed to target wellness efforts. This baseline data can be tracked over time to measure the effectiveness of your program.

On-site biometric screenings are available to large group employers. In addition, you must have at least 20 employee participants.

What is an on-site biometric screening?

On-site biometric screenings are a convenient and effective way to capture pertinent health information. Biometric screenings include height, weight (to measure BMI), blood pressure, and a blood draw, which measures glucose, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. These biometric markers are chosen because they’re the leading indicators for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Why is a biometric screening important?

The goal of an on-site biometric screening is to help your employees “know their numbers.” A timely biometric health screening can have a tremendously positive impact on an employee’s health, productivity, and well-being. When individuals become aware of their health risks, they are more likely to take a proactive role in their personal health.

Benefits for Employees: Employees will receive an individualized, comprehensive report that provides information about their current health status, as well as how to interpret their numbers. This confidential report is a powerful tool for engaging employees in their health. 

Benefits for Your Company: The comprehensive results you receive after the screening will help you drive targeted wellness interventions. This data set will serve as the basis for goals and objectives and can be tracked over time. The report will show risk stratification and help you identify areas of focus for your wellness program.

Who provides the biometric screening?

We have partnered with reputable biometric screening vendors and will make a recommendation based on your group size and location. These licensed health screening professionals understand the privacy concerns of employees and are sensitive to the unique needs of your organization.

How do I promote this event to my employees?

You’ll receive a coordinator guide and a variety of promotional items for you to use to encourage participation. These items include: posters, fliers, and email content. They promote incentives and include registration information.

Can we include a health assessment?

Yes, you can combine your screening with our online health assessment: HealthQuotient, powered by WebMD®. It’s a great way to engage individuals in their health. Employees can access HealthQuotient through InTouch for Members.

How do we get started?

Email us at wellness@pacificsource.com, or call (541) 225-2811 or toll-free (800) 624-6052 ext. 2811 for more information and to get started. 


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Last updated 9/6/2013