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Show Coworkers Gratitude

Coworkers bumping elbows and wearing masks

No wonder we refer to our coworkers as our work family—they’re such a huge part of our day-to-day, affecting everything from our mood to job satisfaction. So, why wouldn’t we want to find ways to spread goodwill? Do it through gratitude! Showing appreciation, after all, reduces stress, increases optimism, and boosts emotional well-being. Whether you want to thank a coworker, a superior, or the CEO, go for it. Here are six simple ideas to demonstrate gratitude:   

  1. Be specific with your thanks. A simple “thank you for jumping in and helping me during that presentation yesterday” is a great way to show appreciation. Using the same example, acknowledge why their help mattered: “I know it wasn’t your responsibility, but having the extra set of hands on it, made it perfect.”
  2. Speak up in team meetings. It’s nice to be acknowledged with the group. Add context for good measure: “Our project will be completed on time thanks to Karen—she helped me with the final edits last week.”  
  3. Bring in something to improve someone’s workspace.  Instead of arriving with morning pastries, bring in a nice plant, or something to add to the décor that will brighten the office for everyone. Guess what? It’ll last a lot longer than a box of doughnuts.
  4. Let the boss know, too. When someone goes above and beyond, email their boss to let them know you appreciate their hard work. (Whether or not you include the employee on the email thread is up to you.) 
  5. Offer to assist. If you notice your coworker is frazzled and up against a deadline, offer to pitch in somehow. Even if there’s nothing you can directly contribute on for the project, there is a good chance you can help with something else.
  6. Leave random notes as a fun, happy surprise. A little spontaneity can go a long way to brighten a day. Grab a sticky, make a doodle, and leave it on a coworker’s keyboard to get a smile and break up the same ol’ same ol’.



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