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Ways for a More Considerate Workplace

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Treating others the way you want to be treated doesn’t only make you nice to be around. It’s also the key to adding to a respectful work environment. When that happens—with the help of the following six tips—you’re making where you work a better place to be:   

  1. Practice gratitude. Giving praise and expressing thanks to your coworkers and team members on a regular basis can make others feel valued, boost morale, and help build strong relationships that support a better work environment. Studies show that people who take note of what they’re grateful for can do wonders for their emotional well-being.   
  2. Give up on gossip. Gossip serves as a workplace downer. It tends to belittle personal situations and spread questionable facts. If you find yourself in the middle of some gossip chatter, take a positive angle or go for a solution over a complaint.   
  3. Show up on time. Whether you’re at a company-wide event, with your team, or meeting with clients, one of the most basic accountabilities is to simply (and consistently) arrive on time. Being prompt to work, meetings, or even less-formal functions demonstrates respect toward others and boosts overall professionalism.  
  4. Declutter to de-stress. Whether you’re taking time to keep your workspace tidy, being prompt to finish your work at the printer, or taking responsibility for your items in the office fridge, your coworkers will appreciate not having to wade through a cluttered environment. Set a small amount of time each week to clean—even if it’s only a two-minute break.  
  5. Plan meetings in advance. One of the fastest paths to a stressful day is realizing the room you’re holding for an impromptu meeting was double-booked, or that you forgot major agenda items because of last-minute planning. Taking the time to schedule meetings in advance, book conference spaces, and having a game plan in place (even for an informal event) is a simple way to set the stage for a better experience for everyone.  
  6. Be mindful of noise. As simple as it sounds, being aware of the level of noise you might be making goes a long way toward keeping the peace for everyone around you. It never hurts to double-check the volume on your headphones. And you should also consider taking the bag of chips, personal chatter, and special projects away from the work zone.   



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