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Community Health Excellence grants

Helping our provider partners deliver innovative care
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Community Health Excellence grants

Goals of our provider grants program

Create and expand an environment of collaborative and innovative engagement
between PacificSource and providers who share a vision for better community health, better healthcare, and lower healthcare costs.

Foster an environment of continuous patient care improvement among providers 
who practice where PacificSource Health Plans serves.

Elicit the diverse capabilities of provider organizations 
in ways that make significant, positive health impacts for community members.

Founded in 2009, the PacificSource Community Health Excellence grants program has contributed more than $11 million in funding to over 400 providers across Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Each Community Health Excellence (CHE) application is independently evaluated based on patient impact. 

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet these core criteria for consideration:

  • Healthcare providers must either:
    • Maintain a contractual relationship with PacificSource for all lines of business applicable in the grant applicant’s service area, or
    • Have an affiliation/contracted referral agreement with PacificSource.
  • Grant proposal must promote the Quadruple Aim: Better health outcomes, lower cost, improved patient experience, and improved provider experience.
  • Project must benefit all patients who are medically or clinically appropriate, not just PacificSource members. 

CHE funding priorities

One-year grants

Projects must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Optimizing primary care and advancing healthcare integration
  • Addressing health disparities and promoting equity
  • Developing the provider workforce 
  • Considering and/or aligning with identified community health needs

Examples are in our CHE Application Guide. One-year requests should not exceed $100,000. The average funding range is $30,000 to $50,000. 

Multi-year grants

Projects must meet eligibility requirements and also focus on increasing access to behavioral health (BH) services. Projects must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Increasing access to BH services that are culturally and linguistically responsive
  • Increasing rural BH access
  • Increasing BH access for communities of color and/or other marginalized populations
  • Increasing access to treatment services for substance use disorders

Examples are in our CHE Application Guide. Multi-year requests should not exceed $150,000. Please note: CHE grants cannot fund stand-alone capital or infrastructure expenses.



The online application process

How to apply for a one-year grant:

  1. Visit the PacificSource grant portal and log in, or create a new profile. (Please check to see if your organization already has a grant profile before creating a new one.)
  2. Complete your budget form (within the grant portal).
  3. Submit your application in alignment with all CHE application guidelines, including the required budget form. 

How to apply for a multi-year grant:

Multi-year grant requests follow a two-step application process:

  1. Interested applicants will submit a letter of intent (LOI) through our grant portal.
  2. LOIs that meet the funding criteria will be invited to apply for a two-year CHE grant. If invited, you'll follow the steps above as you would for a one-year grant. Organizations that are not invited to apply for a two-year grant are still eligible to submit a one-year grant request.

Note: The steps above are a high-level summary. Please read the CHE Application Guide for requirements, exclusions, and detailed instructions.

Download the CHE Application GuideEnter grant portal



Timeline for the 2024-2025 CHE grant cycle


  • January 22: Application cycle opens for one-year and multi-year grants. Applications will be available in the grant portal.
  • April 11: Multi-year grant letter of intent (LOI) due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

  • May 16: Multi-year grant invitations to apply are extended to selected organizations.

  • August 22: CHE grant applications due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

  • Mid-November: Grant awards are announced.


  • January: Funds mailed to awardees. Projects begin.
  • Throughout November: Online final grant presentations.

Current CHE grant recipients

In the 2023-2024 grant cycle, PacificSource awarded 26 grants to provider partners. Grantees include:

Alluvion Health (MT) 
Barrett Hospital Foundation (MT) 
Bridgercare (MT) 
Care Partners (OR) 
Community Health Association of Spokane, dba CHAS Health (WA) 
Crosspointe Family Services (ID) 
Desert Sage Health Centers (ID) 
Dynamic Recovery (MT) 

East Cascade Women’s Group (OR) 
Eating Disorder Center of Montana (MT) 
Family Health Services (ID) 
Journey Pediatric Therapy (ID) 
Kinship House (OR) 
Lane County, Dovetail Clinic (OR) 
North Olympic Healthcare Network (WA) 
One Community Health (OR) 

OYEN Emotional Wellness Center (OR) 
Panhandle Health District (ID) 
Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital (OR) 
PureView Health Center (MT)
Santiam Hospital (OR)
The Rural Behavioral Health Institute (MT)
WVP Health Authority (OR)