Need a Tune Up? Visit the PacificSource Healthy Life Garage!

Once again, we will partner with the Oregon Auto Association to promote healthy living through the PacificSource Healthy Life Garage at the Portland International Auto Show. The show will be held from Thursday January 26, through Sunday, January 29.

In keeping with the event’s auto theme, our PacificSource Healthy Life Garage will feature activities aimed at maximizing health through “preventive maintenance.” Twenty brave PacificSource employees dressed in auto mechanic jumpsuits will provide a variety of wellness information, serve healthy food samples, and give folks the chance to participate in the following personal health evaluations:

 Auto Show Image

  • Balance
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Flexibility 
  • Blood pressure
  • BMI
  • Diabetes awareness
  • Pharmacy


As an incentive for participating in these health screenings, we will make a charitable donation on behalf of anyone who takes part in three or more of the tests.

“When we tell people that we’re doing health assessments at the auto show, we’re frequently are greeted with a puzzled look,” says Kenny Weigandt, Marketing Coordinator and Event Lead. “But, with health status declining at the rates we see today, we have to get creative about how and where we’re reaching people. As we learned last year, the auto show is a great venue for impacting community health.” 

In 2011, the show attracted approximately 100,000 visitors during four days at the Oregon Convention Center. About 10,000 of those visitors came by the Healthy Life Garage. We hope to entertain and educate an even larger crowd this year.  



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Last updated 7/11/2013