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Workplace wellness consultation

For organizations with 50 or more members.
Workplace wellness consultation

Support for your organizational well-being

PacificSource has a team of wellness consultants who act as strategic partners to develop your company’s wellness initiatives. Our consultants help you meet the unique needs of your workforce through a tailored approach that considers your work culture, health needs of employees, and organizational goals and objectives.

Connect with a consultant

Dimensions of well-being

Our consultants will help develop a wellness strategy addressing what we have identified as the five dimensions of your employees’ well-being: Emotional, Physical, Financial, Community, and Occupational.

emotional, physical, financial, community, and occupational dimensions of well-being icons grouped

Consulting services

You and your wellness consultant will work together to choose your priorities from the list below that meet your wellness goals within the consulting package you’ve selected.

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Building a business case for well-being with key stakeholders
webpage and pencil
Guiding the selection of effective incentives
clipboard with 3 check boxes
Employee health interest survey
magnifying glass with person
Evaluating your worksite wellness culture and environment
open book with highlight
Customized workplace wellness program guide
calendar with circle checkmark
Customized implementation calendar of wellness events
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Developing a strategic wellness plan, a custom-built roadmap and timeline, with clear goals, objectives, strategies, and metrics for ongoing evaluation
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Workplace wellness monthly newsletters
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Individual health assessment campaign
keyboard digital medical records
Online health engagement portal: CaféWell
Challenges and campaigns
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Collecting, evaluating, and analyzing data through ongoing reporting
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Online library of wellness communications
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Planning and ongoing guidance for wellness committee meetings


Contact our team of Wellness Consultants. Your organization must have 50 or more members to be eligible for wellness consulting services.