Agent Appointment Guidelines

PacificSource Appointment

Please contact your local PacificSource office for information regarding agent appointment. We look forward to receiving your request: 

Maintain Your Appointment Standing

To ensure reappointment each year as a PacificSource agent, you must:

  • Maintain a health license that includes a small group designation in the state where you do business.
  • Continue to carry errors and omission coverage inclusive of matters pertaining to representation of PacificSource.
  • Have complied with the provisions of the PacificSource Agent Contract during the previous year.
  • Maintain an acceptable knowledge level of PacificSource policies and products.
  • Maintain an acceptable production level in new annual premium. Currently, a minimum of $50,000 of new annual premium is required to ensure reappointment. That minimum is waived when $250,000 or more in premiums has been produced and maintained during any period of reappointment. Appointed agents are informed periodically of their production status, and these production levels are subject to change subsequent to each reappointment date.

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Last updated 12/27/2018