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InTouch for providers

Get 24/7 access to your PacificSource info

InTouch for Providers is our secure website for medical and dental professionals. Use it to view claims, request or check the status of prior authorizations, check member benefits, and more, any time.

The site is accessed through OneHealthPort, a secure healthcare web portal.

InTouch for providers

About InTouch and OneHealthPort 

What is

OneHealthPort provides a secure, single sign-on location for healthcare professionals to access multiple health insurers’ sites and online services. Learn more at the OneHealthPort website.

Are other health plans using OneHealthPort?

Yes, many plans participate. OneHealthPort is a cooperative effort by carriers to make it easier for providers to work with us. Here’s a list of health plan carriers you can access through OneHealthPort.

How do I register?

OneHealthPort’s registration process has several steps and can take three to seven working days. You will be asked to:

  • Create an administrative user
  • Identify your provider organization
  • Add the tax ID(s) associated with your organization
  • Nominate any additional subscriber users and specify the tax ID(s) they may access

Once an administrative user’s identity and the provider organization have been verified, an account can be activated. Any additional nominated subscriber users will be contacted by email to activate their OneHealthPort user accounts.

Once a user’s account is activated, they may log in and access records they’re authorized to manage through the InTouch for Providers site.

For questions about the signup process or creating user accounts, please contact OneHealthPort’s Help Desk at 800-973-4797.

Register with OneHealthPort

Daily access to InTouch

You can access InTouch for Providers from any page on our website, or from by selecting "PacificSource Health Plans" from the OneHealthPort Access Services page.

If you are not logged in, your browser will direct you first to OneHealthPort’s PacificSource registration page. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be redirected to InTouch for Providers.

Log in    Register for an Account

OneHealthPort user and administrator help

How do I manage my OneHealthPort user account?

Once registration is complete and user accounts have been activated, you can manage your account at the OneHealthPort account management site. Need help with user account maintenance? Call OneHealthPort’s Help Desk at 800-973-4797.

I need to add a provider or tax ID. How do I manage my provider organization details?

Administrative users may log in to the OneHealthPort administration site, where they can edit their organization’s profile, add a tax ID for an organization or sub-organization, add an administrative user, or create sub-organizations.

I tried to log in to InTouch, but was informed that my user account is not authorized to access InTouch. Why is this happening?

As part of securing InTouch provider and member data, we require at least one matching provider record, otherwise access to InTouch cannot be granted. This message means that InTouch didn’t find any provider records matching the tax ID we received with your OneHealthPort user account information during login. 

Please check with your OneHealthPort administrator to verify the tax IDs your user account can access. If your administrator has questions about provider records in our system, please ask them to contact our Provider Network team.

How do I obtain authorization for pharmacy services?

This video shows the process for using InTouch to obtain pharmacy prior authorizations. 

Getting Help

For help using InTouch for Providers, plus answers to frequently asked questions, log in to InTouch for Providers and select one of the workflows from the menu. Some InTouch workflows offer a Tip Center panel with help options.

If you still have questions, please contact our Provider Network team at 888-977-9299. You may also contact your Provider Service Representative