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Flu prevention

Get your flu shot at no cost.

Below you'll find flu shot benefit info, tips on where to get your shot, and reasons why it's a great idea. 

Flu prevention

Fighting the flu is part of your coverage—and does a world of good. 

PacificSource health plans include seasonal flu-vaccine coverage at no cost to members. Check your immunization benefit for high-dose flu shots, and flu nasal mist.

What copay? Your flu shot is covered with a no-pay.*

For your annual flu shot, all you need is your PacificSource member ID: Just show up at your doctor's office, an in-network urgent care clinic, or a nearby in-network pharmacy. If you’re part of employee group coverage, ask your employer’s benefits manager if an onsite flu-shot clinic is being planned. (* = Some exceptions may apply. For copay information, please refer to your Member Handbook.) 

The flu shot is effective

A fleeting prick to the arm can be a comfort all winter long. Healthy adults can cut their flu risk by 60% by getting a vaccination, say studies by the Centers for Disease Control. And reducing your flu risk means lowering the chance of passing the flu along to people you care about.

In-network pharmacies

Participating pharmacies—with a few possible exceptions in some communities—include Albertsons, Bi-Mart, Costco, Fred Meyer, Haggen, Hi School, Kmart, Kroger, QFC, Rite Aid, Rosauers, Safeway, Shopko, Smiths, Target, Walgreens, and their affiliates. Your no-cost flu shot is also available at any of the CVS Caremark pharmacy locations, nationwide.

Your doctor’s office

If your doctor is in-network, your seasonal flu shot or high-dose flu shot is covered. Tip: Call your doctor’s office in advance. If you want to be spared the potential cost share of a doctor's visit, mention you only want a flu shot.

Best spot to get your shot

Protect yourself—and your whole household—by getting a flu shot at a nearby in-network pharmacy, your doctor’s office, or local public health department. All you need is your PacificSource member ID. Unlike catching the flu virus itself, a flu shot costs you nothing.

County health departments

Your local county health department office typically offers flu vaccinations, too. Simply show your PacificSource member ID. Note: Mist vaccines aren’t covered. 

Number one rule of a flu fighter:

Understand why a flu shot is a great idea

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studies show that a flu vaccination among healthy adults decreases risk of influenza-like illness by 60% when the flu vaccine is well-matched to circulating viruses. And the benefits of rolling up a sleeve last all winter.

It’s no fun to suffer from a fever, muscle aches, fatigue, and a cough, but the flu’s more serious danger is how it can lead to an infection such as pneumonia. Post-flu complications are a particular risk for someone already afflicted with asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or some other compromised immune-response system.    

The vaccine isn't all about you. It also protects the people you know and care about—parents, coworkers, and neighbors. People most at risk include children, pregnant women, and those over 60. In terms of looking out for the greater good, a flu shot is the right thing to do. 

Assuming you pass up the $0 “no-pay” for your flu shot, the hacking, shivering, and dealing with other flu-like symptoms might cost you. In addition to sending someone to the store for over-the-counter remedies or seeing a doctor, you might need to dip into paid time off (or worse, lose wages until you recover). Some copay exceptions may apply; check your Member Handbook for details. 

For a lot of people, the flu is a drag of a setback but relatively harmless. The CDC begs to differ: Between 140,000 and 710,000 people are hospitalized each year as a result of the virus. According to the CDC, anywhere from 12,000 to 56,000 deaths are associated with flu every six months.  


If you have questions about your flu benefits, we're happy to help.

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