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Eligibility and enrollment

Enrolling in the Oregon Health Plan, and keeping your benefits.

Eligibility and enrollment

Ready to enroll?

First you need to see if you qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) by starting the application process. 

See if you qualify

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You can get help with your application from experts and other resources from the OHP website.
Get application help

After you apply, processing can take up to 45 days. Call OHP to check progress at 800-699-9075, TTY: 711.

Keeping your OHP benefits each year

Every year, OHP will send you a renewal letter to help you keep your coverage for the next year. The letter will say one of the following:

Your OHP is renewed 

Your plan was automatically renewed, and there is nothing more for you to do.

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More information is needed from you 

Follow the instructions in the letter to send the information to OHP.

You need to fill out a new application

Complete and send it as soon as you can.

For more ways to renew and to get help with the process, visit the OHP Renewal website.

Losing your OHP benefits

Common reasons include:

  • Losing your OHP eligibility
  • Moving outside the state of Oregon
  • Failing to return renewal paperwork


If you lose coverage, call the OHP Customer Service team for help.