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Care from the comfort of home

Sometimes called “telemedicine,” “remote care,” or “virtual care,”
telehealth is an appointment with a doctor by phone or video.


How does telehealth work?

Many providers—including doctors and mental health professionals—are available to connect through a telehealth appointment. In most cases, you’ll pay the same as you would for an office visit. The doctor you normally see in person may be available to consult by phone or video. To learn more, contact them directly or check their website.

Types of services available
through telehealth

  • Medical visits
  • Behavioral health (including therapy and substance abuse)
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational and physical therapy 

When you might want
to use telehealth

  • No time for an office visit
  • You're on vacation or a business trip
  • You need a short-term prescription refill
  • Distance makes an office visit difficult
  • Pediatric care for any age 

Unable to access telehealth with your doctor? Try Teladoc®

Teladoc is an affordable alternative included with most PacificSource plans. It gives you access to a doctor right where you are, using a mobile app on your phone or your computer. You can get a consult anytime, seven days a week.

For adults 18 and over, behavioral health therapists are also available to help with stress and anxiety, relationship and family problems, depression, work pressures, grieving, and trauma resolution.

The benefits:

  • Expertise of U.S. board-certified physicians with an average of 20 years
    of in-practice experience.
  • Pay the same copay and prescription rates listed in your summary of benefits.
  • No rush because there isn’t a time limit for your session.


  • Group plan members: Check with your employer to see if Teladoc is offered on your plan.
  • In Washington state, Teladoc offers video sessions only.  

How it works


Set up an account.


Fill out your medical history.


Request a visit.


Speak directly with a doctor.

Setting up your Teladoc account

There are three ways to get started:

Online: Log in or register with InTouch for Members. Once logged in, you’ll find the Teladoc Remote link under Tools. This will provide a direct link for you to set up your Teladoc account.

Mobile app: Visit The Teladoc website to download the app, then click “Activate account.”

By phone: Teladoc can help you register your account over the phone. Call toll-free: 855-201-7488.


If you have questions about getting care, or your benefits, we're happy to help.

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