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Top 5 reasons to recommend flu shots to your clients

Flu season is just around the corner, and while many PacificSource members already plan to get their flu vaccine, reminders help. Here are five reasons to inspire those procrastinators out there. 

Flu shots work. 
A flu vaccine helps build up defenses against the flu virus, so your clients can stay well and enjoy this fall and winter. 

They’re rewarding, literally. 
For your Medicare Advantage clients (excluding PERS), each year they get a flu vaccine, they receive a certificate for a $10 gift card. 

For your convenience, we've created an email template you can download from InTouch, customize, and send to your Medicare clients to remind them of this reward.

Download email template

There’s zero cost to members.
For PacificSource members, flu shots are available at no cost through local in-network pharmacies. And we can help your employer group clients who want to set up flu shot clinics. 

It’s quick and easy. 
Members can drop by any in-network pharmacy, such as Sav-On/Albertsons, Costco, CVS, Fred Meyer, or Safeway and show their PacificSource ID to get their $0 flu vaccine. 

Getting the flu is costly. 
In addition to health risks, getting the flu means missing work, holiday gatherings, volunteering, and other activities we love. The flu can also create a financial burden when medical care or hospitalization is needed. 

Thank you for helping us spread the word to keep our members healthy by getting their no-cost flu vaccine!