Careers Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions we hear most often from job candidates, arranged alphabetically by subject. If you have additional questions, please contact the PacificSource Human Resources Department at (541) 684-5588, toll-free at (800) 624-6052, ext. 2588, or via e-mail at

Applying for a Job

You can read detailed information on how to apply for a position with PacificSource and search for available jobs by visiting this page.

I have submitted my application. What happens next?

  • Your application will be reviewed by our recruiter to see how closely your experience, knowledge, and skills match those needed for our open positions.
  • If your application shows that you have many of the attributes we are looking for, you will receive a phone call that serves as a brief, informal interview and provides you with an opportunity to ask questions about the job, the selection process, and our company.
  • Assuming the call goes well and you are still interested in the position, we will contact you to schedule one or more interviews. Some positions, such as those at an executive or managerial level, may require  a more rigorous interview process.
  • After all qualified candidates have been interviewed, the hiring manager will select the candidate who best fits our company’s needs. The selected candidate will receive a phone call with a job offer.
  • If the candidate accepts the offer, a formal offer letter will be mailed along with a packet of benefit information and orientation materials.

Will I be notified if I am not selected for a job?


Most of our contact with candidates these days is online, and we e-mail candidates to notify them if they have not been selected for a position. To ensure that you receive all relevant messages, add to your e-mail account’s contacts list and be sure to review your spam message folder, too.


We provide a summary of the generous package offered to our employees on our  Employee Benefits page.

Office Locations

In addition to our headquarters in Springfield, Oregon, PacificSource has several regional offices in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Read more about our locations.

I live in a city where you have an office, but the job I’m interested in is located in another city. Could I work in the local office instead?


For efficiency, ease of training, and supervision purposes, most of our employees work in the same physical location as other coworkers performing the same job. We have allowed a few employees to work at locations separate from the rest of their department, but the feasibility of that is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking business needs and logistics into account. We would still encourage you to apply for the position and discuss this with our recruiter.


Is it possible for me to telecommute rather than work in one of your offices?


The overwhelming majority of our positions require employees to work in one of our office locations. Among other reasons, this enables us to provide physical and network security for the protected health information that our employees may access during the course of the day. However, we do understand that telecommuting can be an attractive option. In general, if we allow an employee to work from home, it is based upon company needs and the nature of the work. We would still encourage you to apply and discuss this option with our recruiter to see what is possible.

Job Opportunities

Search open positions and apply.

Do You Have Questions?

Please visit our Careers Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the PacificSource Human Resources Department at (541) 684-5588, toll-free at (800) 624-6052, ext. 2588, or by e-mail at

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Last updated 9/29/2019