HIPAA: Electronic Transaction Capability Status

The following shows the current status of PacificSource's electronic transaction capabilities with respect to HIPAA.


Transaction Set Description Version Status
837P Professional claim 4010X098A1 in production
837I Institutional claim 4010X096A1 in production
837D Dental claim 4010X097A1 in production
834 Group enrollment 4010X095A1 in production
835 ERA (outbound) 4010X091 in production
270/271 Healthcare eligibility inquiry and response 4010X092 in development
276/277 Healthcare claim status request and response 4010X093 in development
277/275 Healthcare claim request for additional information and response 4010X098A1 in development
278 Healthcare services request for review and response 4010X094 in development
820 Group premium 4010X061 in development


You're also welcome to download the following document:

Electronic Payment Enrollment Form

For more information about our electronic transaction capabilities, please contact edisupport@pacificsource.com.

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Last updated 6/2/2016