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5 Tips to protect your financial information

Person setting protection on their cell phone

Life in the digital era means your private data is vulnerable—and valuable—to would-be thieves. That’s why part of our financial well-being should include everyday vigilance to stay one step ahead of cyber fraudsters, starting with these five tips:

  1. Secure physical sources of financial info. Keep important documents locked in a safe location and keep credit/debit cards where they can’t be easily taken. Shred unwanted documents or financial cards that contain personal information.
  2. Monitor your credit. Use credit-monitoring software (like Credit Karma) to help monitor your accounts and identify possible security breaches. 
  3. Be alert for phone scams and phishing attempts. It just takes once! Never share personal or financial info on the phone, unless you initiated contact. Don’t click on email links asking for personal information.
  4. Lock your computer and phone. Just about all of your personal data can be mined from your devices. Never leave your computer or phone unlocked and unattended where others can view your personal info. 
  5. Be wary of your wifi connection. The wifi connection at your favorite local restaurant, coffee shop, or shopping center isn’t likely to have the same security level as a private, secure connection. Because free Internet hotspots are prone to thieves lurking to access personal accounts, ask yourself if you should wait until you’re able to log on to a more secure connection.

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