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7 key pieces to enhance at-home workouts

woman exercising in living room with weights and yoga ball

Whether you’re just starting a new workout routine or ready to take it up a notch, having a few key pieces of equipment at home is a great way to keep you on track (especially when getting to the gym is a pipe dream). What to have on hand will depend on your interests and goals, but these tried-and-true options will never let you down:


  1. Yoga mat – The versatility of a yoga mat makes it a must-have. The mat’s grippy surface can be used for low-impact exercises such as yoga and Pilates, as well as providing traction for more intense exercises such as mountain climbers and push-ups.


  1. Resistance bands – No wonder these pull bands are so popular: They come in a range of resistance levels and take up very little space while serving as a great way to isolate muscles for efficient strength-building workouts.


  1. Dumbbells – Grab a few different-sized weights to help focus on key areas of your body. Dumbbells can be used for arm-, leg-, and even core-strengthening exercises.


  1. Jump rope – Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular workout that burns fat and calories quickly. Three 10-minute rounds of jump rope cooks off 450 calories in half an hour.


  1. Kettlebell – Whether you’re doing dead lifts or slow, steady swings, the balanced handle of a kettlebell allows for a variety of strength moves. Plus, combine strength training with a high-intensity cardio workout for full-body workouts.


  1. Exercise ball – Sometimes called a stability ball, this is great for strengthening and stretching, and improving core stability and balance. For planks, the ball helps to reduce tension in your shoulders and arms while working the core.


  1. Foam roller – Great for warming up your muscles and cooling down, a foam roller can also help alleviate muscle soreness and expand your range of motion; it also helps promote relaxation and eliminate tension.


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