International Travel and Your Healthcare Benefits

An illness or injury while traveling in another country is never a welcome experience, but not uncommon. That's why it's important to understand in advance how your healthcare coverage works while you're outside the United States. Please take a moment to read the following tips and information.

Planning a Trip Abroad?

For a hassle-free trip, follow these simple guidelines.

  • Always carry your PacificSource identification card.
  • Preauthorization. Medical services received outside the United States, except unexpected illness or injury, require preauthorization from the PacificSource Health Services Department and may not be covered.
  • Contact PacificSource if hospitalized. Notify our Health Services Department at (541) 684-5584 as soon as possible. (Use country code 001 from outside the United States.)
  • Obtain an itemized bill for the services you receive. The bill should include the date on which services were received, a diagnosis, and the fees charged for services.
  • Have information translated into English if possible. If you are unable to have the information translated, PacificSource will have it done by our translation service.
  • Pay for the services yourself. PacificSource will reimburse you for the itemized services that are covered under your plan, up to the level specified by your plan.
  • Submit the claim to PacificSource. Mail or fax your itemized bill to us. Include the name of the member who received services, along with the group number and member ID number.

After you submit your claim, PacificSource will:

  • Process the claim. Keep in mind that providers out of the country aren’t participating PacificSource providers, and they may charge more than the UCR (usual, customary, and reasonable) rate for a service. If that happens, you will be responsible for the difference.
  • Provide reimbursement to you. It’s a good idea to confirm that we have your correct address for mailing your reimbursement check to you.
  • Obtain the exchange rate for monies on the date of service. Since you will have paid with a different currency, PacificSource will protect you from sudden fluctuations in monetary exchange rates by reimbursing you at the exchange rate for that date.

Global Emergency Services

Should you experience a medical emergency 100 or more miles from home, Assist America® can help you get the care you need. Learn more.

International Travel Flier

Interested in more detailed information about your benefits while traveling outside the United States, as well as helpful travel tips? Download our Benefits While Traveling Abroad flier (PDF).

Last updated 2/11/2019