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12/1/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 120117
ACA Reporting for 2017: Deadlines and Details, Teladoc Member Welcome Letters Begin Mailing in December 
11/13/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 111317
Easy Online Renewal Option for Small Groups  
10/30/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 103017
2018 Commercial Sales Kits and Materials Now Available 
10/10/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 101017
New for 2018: Expanded Benefits and Programs - New Telemedicine Service, Teladoc, Offers Access Option; Gym Discount Program Changes to Active&Fit®; Hospital-based Education Program Expands. PacificSource Wellness Resources Support a Healthy Workforce. 
6/22/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 062217
A.M. Best Upgrades PacificSource Credit Rating 
6/19/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 061917 MT
MONTANA: Members Gain In-Network Air Ambulance Coverage
5/1/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 05012017 ID
IDAHO: Idaho Transitional Plans Extended through 2018 
4/27/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 04272017
Commission Statements Easier to Understand  
3/22/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 032217 OR
OREGON: Discontinuation of Oregon Small Group Transitional Plans 


12/21/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 122116
ACA Reporting for 2016: Deadlines and Details
12/14/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 121416
Improvements Coming to InTouch for Agents, We’re Making InTouch for Agents Easier to Use
12/8/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 120816
Ready for 2017? Deadlines are coming up fast
11/21/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 112116 MT
Montana: Three Reasons to Recommend PacificSource Small Group and Individual Plans
11/9/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 110916
2017 Summaries Now Online, 2017 Small Group Quotes, Two Positive Changes for 2017, Medicare Part D Creditability Plan Lists, Renewal and Discontinuation Notices, Bonus Clarification
9/23/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 092316 MT
MONTANA NEWS: Small group quoting for the first quarter 2017 is now available, Offer Your Individual Clients Online Plan Shopping
9/22/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 092216 OR
OREGON NEWS: Welcome Jamie Sewell, Oregon Regional Sales Director; 2017 Oregon Individual Market Changes
9/13/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 091316 - Commission Update
Commission Payment Update
9/7/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 090716 - Commission delay
Commission Deposits Delayed
6/30/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 063016
Extension Options for Transitional Plans, Special Enrollment Periods Clarified, Guidance Published for “Meaningful Access” Regulation, New SBC Template Announced for 2017, Refreshed InTouch for Members Launches July 6
5/2/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 050216
ID Cards Drop Doctor, Add Effective Date; IDAHO: Idaho Sales Team Changes; OREGON: Downtown Portland Office Now Open!
2/29/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 022916
Member Surveys Begin Soon, Outreach Encourages Good Dental Care, Introducing a New Jenny Craig Program Discount, Cadillac Tax Delayed; OREGON: Downtown Portland Sales Office Opens this Spring! Oregon Contraceptive Mandate 
1/13/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 011316
1095 Form Filing Extension: What It Means for Your Clients, The W-2 Reporting Requirement, Calls to Members from Our Business Affiliates, InTouch for Members Offers 2015 Recaps, 24-Hour NurseLine Offers Members Peace of Mind, New Guide Helps Employers Set Wellness Program Goals and Objectives, Clarification Regarding Coverage for Cone Beam X-rays


11/4/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 110415
2016 Individual Renewals, Referral Requirement Change in 2016, Five Great Reasons to Offer PacificSource Dental, 2016 Marketing Materials Now Online, Fast Small Group Quoting Through InTouch, CMS-approved Vendors Offering 2016 FFM Training, ERISA Sample SPD Wrap Template Revised, Air Ambulance Provider Options Expand, Calling All Health-minded Fans
10/27/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 102715 - Legacy Health Partnership
PacificSource and Legacy Health Partnership
8/26/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 082415 OR
OREGON NEWS: Fewer Plans, Better Options for Oregon Individual Consumers in 2016
8/26/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 082715
GENERAL NEWS: PacificSource Overview Helps You Prepare for 2016, New Marketing Materials Coming Soon, New Flier Simplifies IRS Reporting Requirements, Small Group Size Change and Renewal Options, Revamped InTouch for Employers Site Also Mobile-friendly, Introducing My Choice Rewards – Now Available on CaféWell, Dental Claims and Customer Service Exceed Target Measures, PacificSource Has Met MLR for Fourth Year, Tobacco Cessation Outreach Calls to Members Begin Soon; IDAHO NEWS: KeyBank Partnership Means Local HSA Option for Idaho Clients
7/23/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 072315
GENERAL NEWS: Model Notices Regarding Extension of Transitional Plans, Small Group Renewal Materials Coming Soon to InTouch, Changing the Agent of Record — Four Essentials, Read the Agent Bulletin on Your Mobile! OREGON NEWS: OAHU Carrier Training Day Coming This September
6/25/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 062515
Cover Oregon Transition Update, IRS Code § 6055 and 6056 Reporting Requirements, ERISA Sample SPD Wrap Template Revised, PacificSource Invests in Local Communities 
5/13/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 051315
ERISA Wrap Sample Template for Employers,Online Enrollment FAQ, Certificates of Coverage Are Back, New Sales Email Addresses Help Improve Communications; IDAHO NEWS: Idaho Healthcare Summit, May 27, Idaho DOI Hosts Free Law Class, May 28  
4/13/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 041315
Extension of Transitional Plans for Oregon and Idaho, Online Enrollment Enhancements, InTouch Improvements Coming, Out-of-area Preauthorization Change for CCN Plans, Introducing Self-funded Dental Plans 
3/19/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 031915
Special Edition: Air Ambulance Allowable Amount Increased, CaféWell Available April 1, Idaho Welcomes Regional Director
3/5/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 030515
Did Your Employer Clients Make Their CMS Reporting Deadline, ACA Update: Employer Shared Responsibility Clarifications, Flier Offers Quick Overview of New Online Enrollment System, Referral Changes Simplify Process for Providers and Members
2/24/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 022415 - Individual open enrollment extension
Special Edition: Individual Open Enrollment Extended
2/17/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 021715 - Transitional Plans, Online Enrollment, and more
Transitional Plans May Continue through September 2017, Quick, Easy, Secure—Group Online Enrollment Is Here! VSP: Learn More About Our New Vision Service Provider, SHOP Enrollment Update, Life and Disability Plan Forms Updated, CafeWell Coming Soon; OREGON NEWS: SmartHealth Transition to SmartChoice, A New Role for Kelly Walker; MONTANA NEWS: Welcome Erin Woodrow; IDAHO NEWS: Welcome Jennifer Ford  
1/15/2015 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 011515 - ACA Reporting Requirements
Special Edition: ACA Reporting Requirements for Health Plan Members


12/15/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 121514 - Online Quoting and more
Online Quoting Available for All Small Groups, Tobacco Rating for Individual — Change for 2015, Secondary Coverage Prescriptions Just Got Easier,  First Choice Health Network in Washington and Alaska, IRS Reporting Requirements, Confirming Prior Coverage — Change for Members; IDAHO NEWS: Idaho Marketplace Deadline Extended; MONTANA NEWS: 2015 Insure Montana Sales Resources Now Online
11/10/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 111014
Marketplace Enrollment Update; Pharmacy Job Aid Helps You Answer Client Questions; VSP Vision Care Coming in 2015; 2015 Materials Now Available; Get Out, Get Covered Tour Offers Community-based One-on-one Assistance; OREGON NEWS: Portland Sales Staffing Changes
10/30/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 103014 - OR - Individual Renewals
Special Edition: Oregon Individual Renewals
10/20/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 102014 - Employer Requirements
Special Edition: Employer Requirements
10/2/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 100214 - OR Individual Renewal Update
Special Edition: Oregon Individual Renewal Update
9/25/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 092514
New Mobile App Gives Members Benefit Info on the Go,  Improved Travel Network in Washington and Alaska, Preparing Individual Customers for Renewal and Open Enrollment, Marketplace Notice Requirement Is Ongoing,  Benefit Matters mailing this month; OREGON NEWS: PacificSource Welcomes New Medical Director; IDAHO & MONTANA NEWS: Online Quoting Available for Idaho and Montana Small Groups
8/18/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 081814
PacificSource Trainings Help You Prepare for 2015, Medicare Part D Materials Available Online, Flu Season Resources, PacificSource Has Met MLR for Third Year, Understanding Our Drug Lists, Insights: Please Share Your Opinion; OREGON NEWS: Cover Oregon FFM Registration; MONTANA NEWS: Montana Team Welcomes New Sales ExecutiveIDAHO NEWS: Save the Date: Your Health Idaho Renewal Webinar August 25
7/25/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 072514 Oregon Small Employers Defined
 Oregon Special Edition:  July 25, 2014, Oregon Small Employers Defined
6/17/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 061714
Eligible Small Groups and Individuals May Renew 2013 Plans through 2015, Special Enrollment Period for COBRA and Oregon Continuation Members, PacificSource Diabetes Support Program Addresses Growing Health Issue, Looking for Standard Plan Summaries; OREGON NEWS: Retroactive Premium Tax Credits through Cover Oregon, Eugene Marketing Sales and Service Coordinator Staff Change; IDAHO NEWS:  Addressing Misconceptions about Your Health Idaho; MONTANA NEWS:  CMS Allows Delay in Employee Choice in Federal SHOP Exchanges
5/16/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 051614 Plan Extensions for OR Small Groups
 Oregon Special Edition: May 16, 2014
5/5/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 050514
Probationary Periods: New Rules Offer Further Guidance, Small Group $2,000 Deductible Maximum Provision Repealed, Update on 2015 HSA Limits, PacificSource Dental Plan Offerings Expanded in All Markets, FSA Carryover Effect on HSA Eligibility, New Online Tools for Small Employers; OREGON NEWS: New Coverage Requirements in Oregon,Cover Oregon’s Transition to Federally Facilitated Website
4/4/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 040414
PacificSource Administrators Recognized for Service Excellence; Forms for Groups Now Clearer, Help Prevent Delays; Montana: Small Group Enrollees Must Wait Until Open Enrollment; New InTouch for Employers Now Serving Clients; New Member Flier Explains PCP Selection; Montana Obesity Rate Ranked Lowest in U.S. in 2013; Insights: Please Share Your Opinion
3/27/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 032714 - Cover Oregon Application Deadline Extension and Other News
Oregon Special Edition: Cover Oregon Application Deadline Extension and Other News
3/27/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 032714 - Provider Nondiscrimination
Special Edition: Provider Nondiscrimination Provision and the ACA
3/12/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 031214 - Oregon individual plan extension
Oregon Special Edition: Oregon Individual Policyholders May Extend Plans through December 31, 2014
3/5/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 030514 - Oregon individual commissions, group sales leadership change
Oregon Special Edition: Oregon Individual Commissions Increase April 1, Tony Kopki to Lead Oregon Group Sales
2/24/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 022414
Updated Notice of Change Letters; Federal Employer Mandate Change; Dental Coverage: Essential for Any Age; Voluntary Dental Now Available in Idaho, Montana, and Oregon; New InTouch for Employers Coming in March; PCP Selection Now Easier than Ever; Annual Member Survey Supports Commitment to Service; Insights: Please Share Your Opinion; OREGON NEWS: Cover Oregon Partner Portal Now Available
2/6/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 020614 - Commission Payments Will Be A Little Late
Idaho and Montana Special Edition: Commission Payments Will Be A Little Late
2/6/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 020614 - OR - Commission, Small Group Rates, Cover Oregon, Individual Renewal
Oregon Special Edition: Commission, Small Group Rates, Cover Oregon, Individual Renewal
1/15/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 011514 - January Payment Deadline Extended for Exchange Enrollees
Special Edition: January Payment Deadline Extended for Exchange Enrollees
1/6/2014 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 010614
New 2014 Small Group Sales Materials Offer Presentation Flexibility, PCP Selection Clarification, New Free Fitness App for Members: Daily Victory, Get Out, Get Covered Tour Offers Community-based One-on-one Assistance, Health Services Staff Changes Support Member Service, Provider Partnerships, Year-End Statements in InTouch Can Help Members Budget for 2014, PacificSource Honored with American Heart Association's Community Innovation Award, In Memoriam, Insights: Please Share Your Opinion, Thank You and Happy New Year! IDAHO NEWS: Contracts in Place with Former NIHN Hospitals 


12/17/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 121713 - OR - Opt-In Deadline for Individual Policy Extension Changed to December 31, 2013
Oregon Special Edition: Opt-In Deadline for Individual Policy Extension Changed to December 31, 2013
12/12/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 121213 - OR - Individual deadline extended
Oregon Special Edition: Individual deadline extended
12/12/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 121213 - Decision Regarding Extending Current Plans in Idaho
Idaho Special Edition: Decision Regarding Extending Current Plans in Idaho
12/6/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 120613 - Idaho Dept. of Insurance Working to Finalize Plan Extension Guidance
Idaho Special Edition: Idaho Dept. of Insurance Working to Finalize Plan Extension Guidance
11/22/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 112213 - OR - New Renewal Options for Oregon Individuals and Small Groups
Oregon Special Edition: New Renewal Options for Oregon Individuals and Small Groups
11/15/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 111513
Website Aims to Help Exchange Enrollees, New Treasury/IRS Rule Makes FSAs More Attractive, Program/Coverage Changes Encourage Members to Quit Tobacco, Condition Support Program Expands to All Groups in 2014, Clarifying Grandfathered Plan Status for Large Groups, Agent Contracts to Mail this Month, ID Card Changes Coming in 2014, Events Supporting Health for Our Communities;  OREGON NEWS: Sales Staff Contact Information Change
11/14/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 111413 - President’s Press Conference on Policy Extensions
Special Edition: President’s Press Conference on Policy Extensions
10/22/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 102213
New Online Ordering Process for 2014 Individual Sales Materials, Initial Premium Payment for Exchange Enrollment, Correction to Waiver Information for 2014, Correction to eUpdate Regarding Renewals, Dental Benefits for Children Expand in 2014, Both PacificSource and PSA Members Can Access Nurse Line, Clarifying a Coverage Myth;  OREGON NEWS: Changes to Pediatric Vision Benefit in 2014 Oregon Standard Bronze Plans, Doug Sheffer Honored with JA Silver Leadership Award; IDAHO NEWS: North Idaho Welcomes New Sales Executive, Extended Deadline for Individual Early Renewals; MONTANA NEWS:  Sales and Service Assistance When You Need It
10/2/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 100213 - Cover Oregon Status
Oregon Special Edition: Cover Oregon Status
9/18/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 091813 - Individual and Small Group Renewals
Special Edition: Individual and Small Group Renewals
9/5/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 090513
New Tool for Large Groups Offers Workforce Wellness Insights; Nurse Line Launches October 1; Enhanced for Shoppers, Members; Employer Federal Notice Deadline October 1; Still Time to Sign Up for 2014 Product Training; 2014 Individual Plan and Rate Information Now Available; Next Issue of Reform and You Mails to Individual Policyholders; Insights: Please Share Your Opinion; OREGON NEWS: New Dental Plans Provide Copay Options for Oregon Groups; MONTANA NEWS: Membership Representative Change Coming October 1
8/26/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 082613 - PacificSource Releases 2014 Rates
Idaho Special Edition: PacificSource Releases 2014 Rates
8/19/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 081913 - More Than Just Competitive Rates
Montana Special Edition: More Than Just Competitive Rates
7/30/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 073013 - Federal Notices Mailing to Employer Clients
Oregon Special Edition: Federal Notices Mailing to Employer Clients
7/19/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 071913
New Newsletter Helps Members Navigate Reform Changes, PacificSource Product Training – Idaho Webinars Added, ACA News and New Resources, New Medical Director to Focus on Idaho and Montana Provider Relationships, Insights: Please Share Your Opinion, Events Supporting Health for Our Communities; OREGON NEWS: OAHU State Convention Slated for August 7
6/26/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 062613
PacificSource Training Update; Caremark Pharmacy Claims Process Change; Information Helps Clients Prepare for 2014; PacificSource Meets ACA's MLR Requirement; Donations of Fresh Veggies Help People in Need
5/20/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 052013
PacificSource Trainings Help You Prepare for 2014 — Save the Date! New Deadline Announced for Notices About Exchanges; Diagnostic Imaging Review Program Expanding;  iPad Drawing Encourages InTouch for Members Registration;  What do you think? Take our poll. Employers to Learn About Wellness Programs, Consumer Study, and More;  Events Supporting Health for Our Communities;  OREGON NEWS: Agent of Record Will Remain Intact After Auto-enrollment;  IDAHO NEWS: Dependent Enrollment Dates and Premiums to Align for All Large Groups;  Idaho DOI Hosts Free Law Class June 13
5/8/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 050813 - OID to Release Rate Filings May 9
Oregon Special Edition: OID to Release Rate Filings May 9
4/29/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 042913
We’re Not In It for Trophies, But this One Sure Is Nice! What’s the Easiest Way to Get a Commission Check? Find Current Reform Documents and Information Online Correction to ESRD Program Vote in Our Poll Events Supporting Health for Our Communities OREGON NEWS: Insurance Carriers Allowed to Auto-enroll Individual Policyholders in OregonIDAHO NEWS: Dave Self Named to Idaho Exchange Board Idaho Exchange to be Topic of Next Individual Product Training
3/14/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 031413
New Fliers Summarize ACA Changes, PSA Administrative Services—the Perfect Complement for Group Plans, Employer Newsletter Showcases Health and Travel Resources, Events Supporting Health for Our Communities; OREGON NEWS: Free Class for Oregon Agents: “Healthcare Reform: What You Need to Know,” More Events for Oregon Agents; IDAHO NEWS: Provider Choice Expands in Northern Idaho, Individual Product Training Scheduled for April 2, IAHU Health Symposium Slated for April 17-18; MONTANA NEWS: New Montana Individual Application Now Online, NAIFA Montana Convention Slated for May 1-2
2/18/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 021813
New Online Health Assistant Helps Members Reach Goals, Staff Email Addresses Will Change to Keep Pace with Growth, Growth Results in Membership Representative Changes; IDAHO NEWS: Individual Product Training Scheduled for March 5; MONTANA NEWS: Helping to Build a New Patient-Centered Healthcare Model; All Regions: Events Supporting Health for Our Communities
1/22/2013 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 012213
Group Dental Sales Tools Only a Click Away, Helpful Year-End Statements for Members Added to InTouch, New Gym Membership Discount Expands Wellness Offerings, Resources Help Clients Keep Up with Healthcare Reform, Change to Infusion Therapy and Air Ambulance, Electronic Group Member Handbooks Provide Flexibility, Drawing Encourages Members to Go Paperless, NAHU Capitol Conference Scheduled for February; OREGON NEWS: New Client Service Representative for Portland, Salem, and Gorge Areas; IDAHO NEWS: Spanish Language Group Summaries Help Bridge the Language Gap; MONTANA NEWS: Top Reasons for Employers to Choose a PacificSource HMO Plan; All Regions: Events Supporting Health for Our Communities

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