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Your PacificSource member ID

New members

You may receive a member ID card in the mail shortly before coverage starts. If you haven’t received one in time, see the printing or digital member ID options below, or Contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Current members

When your plan renews, it’s possible you’ll receive a new card in the mail. If so, please discard previous cards and use the new one.

Need a Member ID right away?

You can print a member ID card, once coverage begins. If you'd rather not use a physical member ID card, you can view your member ID from within our app, myPacificSource.

You should present your ID each time you visit a doctor or pharmacy, even if you’ve shown it before. It has information providers use to bill us.

If you would like printed member ID cards mailed to you, please get in touch with customer service.

A tour of your member ID

Note: Your card may not look exactly like this one, as we offer a variety of plans.

ps member id card front

Front of card 

Member ID#: These nine digits, followed by the two digits under “ID” below, form your ID number. Each covered family member has a two-digit identifier, starting with 00 for the subscriber. 

Network: You’ll use your network name when looking for doctors or facilities in the PacificSource Provider Directory.

Member List: Under the word, "Member" is a list of names of the subscriber and any dependents, preceded by their two-digit suffix under the word, "ID". It’s not necessary for a dependent to be listed on the card in order for them to be covered.

Benefits: Under column headers "Health, Dental, and Vision" are check marks that indicate the benefits available to each member.

Prescription Coverage: Next to the words, "Drug List" you’ll find which one is included in your plan, which you can use when looking for medications. You can ignore the information below that, it is used for verifying your benefits, and billing.  

ps member id card back

 Back of card

Phone and email: Need to contact us? You’ll find our Customer Service phone number (next to "Members:") and email address here. There is also contact information for providers and pharmacists.

24-Hour NurseLine: Speak with a registered nurse, day or night. This is a no-cost service for PacificSource members. The number is 855-834-6150.  

Partners: The area below "Find providers at" may include a member’s dental network and/or provider networks with whom we partner outside the Greater Northwest.