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Choosing a Clearinghouse

We contract with two clearinghouses to provide transmission dental claims electronically.

20 South Clark Street, Suite 1810
Chicago, IL 60603

26 Century Boulevard, Suite 601 
Nashville, TN 37214

To find out more, contact the clearinghouse directly, or contact our Dental Customer Service team at 866-373-7053 or

Corrected Claims Submission Guidelines

Please submit a Corrected Dental Claim Form with all corrected claims. This will help us assess the reason for the change, resulting in faster turnaround. 

If you have questions about corrected dental claims, please feel free to contact our Dental Customer Service team at 866-373-7053 or

Questions? We're Happy to Help

If you have questions about member benefits, eligibility, claims, or EOPs, please contact PacificSource Dental Customer Service.

Phone: 541-225-1981 (Eugene) or 866-373-7053 (all other areas)
Fax: 541-225-3655