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PacificSource supports a growing portfolio of health data interoperability resources to comply with federal regulations and enable the safe exchange of health data, which is important to improving health outcomes.

PacificSource interoperability resources are made available via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) aligned with HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standards. More information regarding FHIR may be obtained at the HL7 website.

PacificSource APIs provide access to publicly accessible data and—with appropriate security controls—to protected health information (PHI).

PacificSource may block or revoke access to its API resources at any time in the event that it perceives that member PHI may be at risk or that a violation of the Usage Terms and Conditions has occurred.

Check out our Interoperability FAQ


API Usage Terms and Conditions 

Developers and others accessing or utilizing PacificSource API resources must agree to our API Usage Terms and Conditions. Any use or access of PacificSource APIs implies consent with our terms and conditions.


Public interoperability API resources 

In accordance with Federal regulations, PacificSource makes provider directory and formulary data available via a collection of publicly accessible API endpoints. No authentication is required to access these resources.

Get technical information about interacting with PacificSource public interoperability APIs


Interoperability patient access resources 

Also in accordance with Federal regulations, PacificSource makes patient, claim, encounter, pharmacy, and coverage information available via a collection of private APIs. Accessing these APIs requires use of a third-party application and prior registration in order to obtain login credentials.

As part of the registration process, you'll be required to provide: 

  • Your full name 

  • Your date of birth 

  • Your PacificSource Member ID, Medicaid ID, Medicare number, or SSN  

  • A valid email address 

  • A valid mobile telephone number 

Get simple instructions for using a third-party application to access your health information included as part of the Patient Access Interoperability API

Get technical information about interacting with PacificSource Interoperability Patient Access APIs


Third-party application resources 

PacificSource currently supports access to its Patient Access and Public APIs via the OneRecord mobile application.

Support for additional mobile applications is planned for the future.

If you'd like to explore options for accessing PacificSource via another third-party application, please email


Developer resources 

Developers wishing to interact with PacificSource healthcare interoperability APIs should contact You will be required to agree with PacificSource’s API Usage Terms and Conditions.