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PacificSource carefully observes HIPAA privacy and consent guidelines when handling your data made available as part of HHS Interoperability rules. Safeguarding your health information and privacy is our top priority.

Unless you provide explicit consent, PacificSource will never share your health data with anyone outside of specific healthcare scenarios allowed by HIPAA guidance.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Interoperability rules provide you with new ways to access your health data.

Accessing your PacificSource health data using interoperability-related tools can introduce risks because you may elect to view your data using applications and other channels that fall outside of PacificSource’s control.

Most third-party applications are not covered by HIPAA. Most third-party apps instead fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC provides information about mobile app privacy and security for consumers.

It is your responsibility to safeguard your health data and your privacy when you use tools not provided by PacificSource.

To remain protected, we recommend the following:

  • Understand the security and privacy practices of any applications or tools that you might use to access your health data.

  • Ensure that any device you use to access your health data is secured with a passcode, biometric login, or some similar form of protection.

  • Do not share your access information with any third parties.

  • Carefully review and understand any consent forms that you might be asked to sign when you access your health data via another application or tool.

  • Promptly report suspected compromises of your health data promptly.

Find out about our information privacy practices in our Privacy Policy.