2020 Washington Small Group Plans

The information on this page is for small group plans beginning January 1, 2020. Small groups in Washington are employers with two to 50 employees.



At your service: plans and networks come with choice

Our health plan products are a unique combination of networks and plan designs to fit the needs of you and your employees.

For 2020 we offer Washington businesses two product portfolios: Navigator and Voyager, with 32 plans to choose from.

These products are part of our continued effort to simplify how members make informed decisions about their health and promote more engagement with their healthcare providers. The products further refine our mission to provide you with quality of care, accountability, access, affordability, and member choice.

Navigator—for exceptional coordinated care

Navigator gives you a more integrated approach to care—helping members get the right care, at the right time, in the right place. It’s care that’s coordinated to simplify the member experience, improve access to care, and promote member engagement through shared decision-making within an accountable network of providers.

Navigator is available for purchase by employers located in the following counties:

  • Clark
  • Pierce
  • Spokane

Voyager gives you the broadest choice of networks

As a preferred provider organization (PPO), Voyager means greater choice for members. For those who prefer a more self-guided experience, Voyager gives members expanded access to our broadest network of providers.

Voyager is available for purchase by businesses located throughout the state of Washington.


For producers

You can order sales kits for individual and small group clients online!

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