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AIM Specialty Health changing name to Carelon Medical Benefits Management

Effective March 1, 2023, AIM Specialty Health® is changing its name to Carelon Medical Benefits Management. PacificSource partners with AIM to administer prior authorizations for nonemergency advanced diagnostic imaging services and genetic testing performed in an outpatient setting.

What’s not changing

  • This transition is a name and branding change only. There will be no changes to current processes or the way AIM works with providers.
  • All providers will continue to have access to the provider portal for submitting authorization requests.
  • AIM’s inbound phone numbers are not changing.

What is changing

  • The company’s new corporate site will be, and the Carelon logo will replace the AIM logo.
  • AIM’s clinical guidelines site will automatically redirect to the new Carelon web address on March 1, 2023. AIM will email all registered providers 30 days prior to the change, and the date of the change, to remind you to update bookmarks.
  • Account management email addresses will migrate from to All emails will automatically redirect.

If you have questions, your Provider Service Representative is happy to help. Please reach out to them directly, or email us at