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OHLC shares guidelines for behavioral health via telehealth

The Oregon Health Leadership Council (OHLC) has created a guideline document for Telehealth Service Recommendations for Behavioral Health.

The document was developed by providers and clinical experts and serves as a complement to OHLC's Telehealth Service Recommendations for Adult Primary Care and Pediatric Primary Care, released in 2021 and 2022.

The recommendations are meant to provide supplementary guidance to outpatient behavioral health providers in determining:

  • Whether a patient’s condition is clinically appropriate for telehealth care
  • Which telehealth modality might be the most beneficial
  • When an in-person visit may be necessary

The use of telehealth has increased significantly over the last three years, and clinicians, as well as patients, have experienced the value and efficiency that remote care delivery can provide. But questions have also arisen about how to ensure that high quality and safety standards are maintained, and that care is equitable and accessible to all patients. As the healthcare community continues to navigate this rapidly changing landscape, these recommendations should help assist providers develop and refine their telehealth practice standards in conjunction with their own clinical judgement and their organization’s guidelines.

Download the guidelines