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Seeing the doctor soon? Make the most of your appointment

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Because time with your primary care provider is such an important part of managing a health concern or existing condition, make the most of your appointment by:

Being honest. It’s important that your doctor has a clear understanding of your concerns, symptoms, and questions. Details of what you’re experiencing can impact your treatment plan, so it’s important to be honest. Make sure you discuss over-the-counter medications, supplements, and any current complementary or alternative therapies.

Asking questions. Although talking about your needs with healthcare providers is often easier said than done, it helps to start by asking questions. Never hesitate to ask to clarify whatever you don’t understand—your healthcare providers are there to help.

Taking steps to remember. According to a 2018 study from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and National National Patient Safety Foundation, 80% of information shared during a primary care visit is immediately forgotten by patients. This serves as a reminder to take notes, ask for printouts, or consider bringing along a friend or recording device.

Following up. Schedule recommended tests, review your test results, fill any prescriptions you may have, and take your medication as directed. Also, ask about the timing for your next appointment.