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What you need to know about Medicaid renewal

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After a three-year pause, the process of checking member eligibility for renewing Medicaid health insurance coverage has begun again. It’s estimated that anywhere between 5 and 15 million people are going to lose their coverage nationwide. Here’s some information to help you support your patients through the renewal (redetermination) process.

Download and share an FAQ with your patients


Timeline for renewal

Renewal has started in all states. Due to administrative load, the renewal forms won’t be sent all at once. State agencies will send notices to members in cohorts over several months. Renewal will take place across the date ranges listed below:

  • Idaho: February 2023–September 2023
  • Montana: April 2023–January 2024
  • Oregon: April 2023–May 2024
  • Washington: April 2023–May 2024

Update contact information

You should encourage your Medicaid patients to check with their state Medicaid office to ensure the agency has your patient’s current contact information. If your patient has moved since signing up for Medicaid, they may not receive the important renewal forms sent by the state. States will terminate coverage if patients don’t complete their renewal forms by the state’s deadline.

Direct your patients to call one of the state Medicaid office numbers below:

Help with renewal

If your patients have received a Medicaid renewal form, you should encourage them to fill it out and return it in a timely manner. If they have questions about their renewal forms, they can contact their state Medicaid agency for help, using the information on the form or by calling one of the phone numbers above.

Advising a patient who is losing coverage

If your patients lose their Medicaid coverage, they have options for other health insurance coverage. PacificSource Health Plans offers affordable Health Insurance Marketplace plans for individuals and their families that can include financial assistance. If your patient is over 65, we also offer Medicare plans, many that include $0 monthly premiums. If your patient has a job, they may be eligible for health insurance from their employer. 

Your patients can call us at 800-211-9187 for help finding the right insurance for them.