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5 Tips for a well environment

A woman fills a water bottle with fresh water

Because your well-being is so closely tied to the health of the environment, it makes sense to understand lifestyle choices that can make a difference. These five tips not only make us better stewards of the environment; they add up to helping us feel great.

  1. Switch to reusable water bottles. Plastics don’t decompose and impact the food chain, which make them an environmental problem. Not only will you save money by making a reusable container a habit, you’ll also be reducing the amount of plastic going into landfills.
  2. Stop your junk mail. Remove yourself from unneeded mailing lists and request that companies email you rather than sending printed and processed materials in the mail.
  3. Turn it off! Turn off lights when you leave the room and upgrade your lightbulbs to more energy efficient options. LED technology is not only offering more options for great lighting, but lighting a room doesn’t need nearly as much energy as using old standard bulbs.
  4. Eat local. By supporting the growers, food-service workers, and restaurants that are local to your area, you’re contributing to the economy with a multiplier effect. Plus, buying more local foods cuts back on transportation pollution and offers fresher options.
  5. Hang up your keys. Walk, pedal, or take public transportation whenever it makes sense. Your legs, heart, and the at-large community will thank you for your Earth-friendly choice.



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