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Stay connected even at a distance

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Even before social distancing was part of our everyday conversation, no one was immune from feeling disconnected. Whether or not you’re having to spend too much time apart from family and friends, don’t forget to keep in touch—starting with these 10 ideas to reach out and stay connected:

  1. Calendar chat time. Schedule weekly or biweekly virtual social hours—using video-chat tools.
  2. Check in daily. Once a day, send a hello email to a friend or loved one.
  3. Send a surprise note. Write encouraging thoughts to someone in the hospital or care facility. Note: A special someone doesn’t have to be someone you know yet.
  4. Show gratitude. Send a thank you to a healthcare worker or someone else serving on the front line.
  5. Watch together. Explore watch-together apps, such as Netflix Party, Scener, and Rave, so you can be among friends (wherever they are) while watching your favorite shows.
  6. Have a remote feast. Host a virtual potluck where friends can enjoy a meal together wherever they are.
  7. Be spontaneous. Open up the possibilities that allow you to connect with coworkers, classmates, and friends.
  8. Leave little surprises. Leave fun notes for delivery drivers and other service workers who add joy to your day.
  9. Roll some dice, shuffle the deck. Play board games with extended family via Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  10. Forget the memes and rants. If interacting on social media begins to affect your mood, take a break! Choosing quality time with others can do wonders for wellness.

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