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4 Resources to improve your financial stability

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If you have financial stress, you’re not alone. More than 70% of Americans reported feelings of stress about money at least one time in the last month.

The good news? Many tools are available in your community and online to help you become more financially secure, which can reduce stress and anxiety about money. Your employer or school may also offer financial resources.

  1. Measure your financial well-being. Understanding where you are in relation to your peers can be a great way to identify where to begin making significant changes in your financial well-being. You can find your Financial Well-being Score from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  2. Access a financial calculator to understand topics like tax withholdings from your paycheck, what you might need for retirement, or how to pay off debt. The federal government provides free calculators and tools, and much more.
  3. Explore assistance programs. As an American, you may qualify for various government benefits like housing help, food assistance, temporary assistance for families, and more.
  4. Know your local agencies. Many towns and counties have financial assistance programs for utilities, weatherization, homelessness prevention, and much more. Search your town and county financial resources, and explore how your community can support you.


As you use resources, it’s crucial to protect yourself. Visit to understand how you can best stay safe while exploring your financial well-being.


Feeling financially insecure can be scary and isolating. However, there are many organizations that can help you and your family overcome difficult circumstances.

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