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5 spending swaps for improved well-being

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Ready to boost your well-being with smart fiscal tips? These five spending moves for a healthier lifestyle pay dividends to your physical, mental, and social well-being:


  1. Home gym over a traditional gym membership. While gym memberships are great, even better is a discounted membership, or setting up your own gym at home. PacificSource offers an Active&Fit Direct™ gym discount program, which includes access to on-demand online fitness classes (in addition to a local gym). But investing in at-home equipment saves you in the long run. Workouts at home mean convenience, zero membership fees, and gas money you won’t be spending, which add up to big savings. Estimated monthly savings: $50‒$100.


  1. Packing lunch over buying lunch out. The debate is over: Brown bagging pays off and comes with dividends. While the occasional lunch out is great, doing so daily can end up costing you more than twice as much. The at-home meal prep not only allows you to stretch some scratch, but you’ll have greater control over what exactly you’re eating. Estimated monthly savings: $140, or an average of approximately $35/week.


  1. Guided meditation (or outdoor time) over a subscription app or in-person class. While an onsite meditation class (or online subscription app) offers value, why not reap the same mind-and-body benefits at no cost? Try spending a few minutes practicing mindful breathing or find free online guided meditations. Other options include getting outside, writing in your journal, and spending time in gratitude. Estimated monthly savings: $50‒$150. 


  1. Bike, walk, or transit over driving to work. Not only can biking and walking do wonders for the pocketbook, but they’re good for your physical well-being. If you live within a reasonable distance to work, walking just a day or two a week is a great way to add exercise to your routine. Even taking public transportation saves dollars—and walking to and from the bus stop adds steps. Estimated monthly savings: $150‒$200+, depending on commute distance and gas prices.


  1. Home-cooked meal and streaming entertainment over a night out. Rather than spend a night out on the town, trade it for a few nights at home with friends and family. You can opt for freshly prepared ingredients from a meal-delivery service or produce from the farmers’ market, along with streaming entertainment or old-school board games (or an equally competitive outdoor activity). Estimated monthly savings: $100‒$200, based on four weekend evenings.



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