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Health Risk Assessment campaign

Woman smiling and taking health risk assessment on laptop

About the campaign 

This one-month campaign encourages employees to complete their annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) on CaféWell to better understand their current state of well-being. The HRA is an online assessment that asks a series of questions about everyday health habits and behaviors pertaining to a variety of topics including physical activity, mental health, nutrition, and disease risk. Upon completion of the health assessment, participants receive a personalized report that outlines their current health status and risk factors, as well as information about the steps toward improvement. The campaign coordinator will receive an aggregate report detailing overall health risk data from employees. 

How the campaign works  

The Coordinator will send one email communication per week for four weeks to encourage employees to create their account on CaféWell and complete their HRA. Announcement and reminder email templates are available for use in the Coordinator’s Guide. A flier and an FAQ can be used to further promote the campaign. 

Challenge materials: 

  • Coordinator’s guide with Timeline & Email Templates
  • Promotional Flier
  • Health Assessment FAQ