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Mental Health Awareness Bingo

Woman smiles and pets dog

About the campaign

This four-week campaign will provide a fun way for employees to engage in activities that promote mental health, mindfulness, stress reduction, happiness, and anxiety management through a game that you may know – bingo.

How the campaign works

Employees participate individually. They receive a Mental Health Awareness Bingo card via email each week. Each bingo card is filled with actions for the employee to complete for that week. Once they achieve a bingo (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line) they turn it in via a drop box or email to have their name entered into a weekly drawing for prizes, as well as a grand prize. Once a bingo card is turned in, an employee can have an additional card to work on for additional bingo entries.

Bingo cards: There are a total of ten different bingo cards. Choose one to send each week. Employees will all have the same card, but will work toward the bingo differently based on what tasks they choose to complete.


Campaign materials:

  • Coordinator guide
  • Promotional flier
  • Email text
  • Bingo cards
  • Sample follow-up survey