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Stress Less Quest campaign

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About the campaign

This six-week campaign will help participants identify and cope with stress in their life. Participants will not only discover how they currently respond to stress, but they will learn new techniques and how to put them into practice.

How the campaign works

The program coordinator will send participants weekly newsletters that include tips and activities for handling stress. Each week will focus on a different stress management topic, including:
Week 1: Recognizing Stress
Week 2: Move More
Week 3: Laugh Away Tension
Week 4: Dealing with Financial Stress
Week 5: Top Priority—You 
Week 6: Breathe Stress-Free

At the end of the campaign, the program coordinator will send a wrap-up email with a feedback survey.

Campaign materials:

  • Initial and wrap-up emails
  • Promotional flier
  • Six weekly newsletters
  • Program feedback survey