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Swap Screen Time For Real Time

mother and daughter dancing in living room

More time focused on a digital display means less time for real-world experiences. Sitting in front of a device or TV to watch videos, DVDs, or video games may be robbing you of exercise, quiet reflection, and valuable time with friends and family. Consider swapping screen time for real-time, starting with these five simple strategies:

  1. Declare a weekday ban. As a family or with friends, commit to one evening per week where no screens are present. Try cooking together, board games, or a puzzle. The goal: talking and creating positive interactions with the people most important to you. 
  2. Spare the screen, shed unwanted weight. Obesity is linked to excessive TV-viewing. Not only is binging on favorite shows a sedentary choice, but we’re often adding snacks or eating meals in front of a screen. Set a goal to eat at least one meal a week without screens—wake up your senses to the taste, smells, and textures of your food.
  3. Avoid multitasking, sharpen focus. To add more efficiency to your concentration, put away your phone. Leaving your device in another room or in a backpack can prevent distractions, even if you keep your phone on silent mode.
  4. Make time to leave home without it. Rediscover how refreshing it is to engage with people face-to-face. Instead of screen time, get outside, go on a walk, and indulge your senses.
  5. Trade a digital display for tactile and tangible. Instead of reading online, pick up a newspaper, go to your local bookstore or library, and see what catches your eye. Being in the moment with your surroundings can be exhilarating for your sense of discovery.    



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