Worldwide Medical Emergency Coverage from Assist America

Now You Can Travel Worry-Free 

If you experience a medical emergency when you’re traveling abroad or 100 miles or more away from your primary residence, Assist America can help. Assist America provides a variety of services, including:

  • Medical consultation and evaluation
  • Medical referrals
  • Critical care monitoring
  • Evacuation to the nearest facility that can appropriately treat your situation if medically necessary

When you are ready to be discharged from a hospital and need medical assistance to return home (or to a rehabilitation facility), Assist America will arrange for your transportation and provide an escort, if necessary.

During a medical emergency, call 911 or local emergency services, and then call Assist America as soon as possible (once your situation is no longer life threatening). Services arranged by Assist America are provided at no cost to you. Once you are under the care of a physician or medical facility, your PacificSource coverage applies.

Note: You can use your PacificSource medical benefits, even if you have a group plan that doesn't include Assist America. Please keep in mind, nonemergency medical services received while outside the United States require preauthorization and may not be covered. If you receive care, obtain an itemized bill for the services you receive. Pay for the services yourself. PacificSource will reimburse you for the itemized services that are covered under your plan, up to the amount specified by your plan. Submit the claim to PacificSource for reimbursement. 

Assist America Helped Derek and Naomi

  Assist America Wrecked Car  

Derek and his wife Naomi* decided to take a much needed vacation in La Paz, Mexico. The day after
they arrived, they were on their way to do some sightseeing and were involved in a car accident.

Find out how Assist America helped .

For more details about how to take advantage of this service, please see our Assist America brochure.

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Interested in more detailed information about your benefits while traveling outside the United States, as well as helpful travel tips? Download our Benefits While Traveling Abroad flier (PDF).

Last updated 4/9/2019