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Healthcare in your own language

You have the right to free, confidential translation help for your doctor visits.

Healthcare in your own language

Know what’s being said or written about your care

Interpreters can help you with most healthcare needs:

  • Talking to a nurse or doctor
  • Getting medicine at the pharmacy
  • Filling out forms
  • During an emergency


Learn more about interpreter services in your own language


Schedule an interpreter

Ask ahead of time to have an interpreter (including sign language) at your healthcare appointments.

Ask your doctor’s office when you make your appointment.

If you're having trouble scheduling an interpreter through your doctor, call our Customer Service team for help.
800-431-4135, TTY: 711. We accept all relay calls.

Easily let others know which language you use 

Show a preferred language card to your doctors. Download your choice of the following cards, then print or save to your device:
Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, or Arabic.

Looking for another language? Find more cards at Oregon Health Authority