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Dental care

Coverage includes regular cleanings and x-rays, plus things like fillings and treatment for emergencies.

Dental care

Your dental plan determines which dentists you can go to

You may receive dental benefits in addition to your medical plan. There are a few ways to see if you have dental coverage, and to find out which dental plan you are covered by.

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Search for a dentist in your plan

You can choose a regular dentist, also called your primary care dentist, who best meets your needs. It may be a previous dentist that you liked, or a new one. Browse dentists in our provider directory.

Be sure the dentist that you go to is included in your dental plan: 

Advantage Dental Service

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Capitol Dental Care

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ODS Community Dental

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Contact your dental plan to select or change your dentist

Your dental plan manages your dental care, including which dentists you can visit. Contact them with any questions.

To change your dental plan, call us at 800-431-4135, TTY: 711.

Health Share of Oregon members: See your Health Share ID for your dental plan.
To change dental plans, contact Health Share of Oregon.

Urgent and emergency dental care 

For urgent dental problemslike heavy bleeding, a knocked-out tooth, or severe paincontact your primary dentist. Even after hours or on weekends, their office will help you get care. 

Referrals and specialists

If you think you need a dental specialist, ask your dentist. They can refer you to an in-network specialist if needed.

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Second opinions

Dental second opinions are covered at no cost to you. To get a second opinion, call your dental plan.

View the complete list of benefits in your Member Handbook.

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