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Extra support to improve health

for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members

Extra support to improve health

Non-medical support services

Being healthy requires more than regular check-ups, like having access to non-medical things such as housing, healthy food, and air conditioning, to name a few. Certain OHP members may be eligible for extra non-medical services and support through two programs.


One program is called Health-Related Social Needs (HRSN). This name refers to barriers to health such as housing or food insecurity that may affect well-being. 

HRSN benefits FAQ (PDF)

HRSN benefits FAQ – Spanish (PDF)

If you don’t qualify for HRSN services, you may still be able to get help through the Flexible Services program instead.

Flexible Services program flier (PDF)

Flexible Services program flier – Spanish (PDF)

Contact PacificSource team members to find out if you qualify for non-medical services and support by sending an email to or calling 541-284-7964. You may also contact PacificSource on behalf of an OHP member if you are their caretaker or medical provider.

Examples of HRSN services

HRSN services you may be eligible for include:


Climate-related supports
These include the provisioning of no-cost air conditioners, heaters, air-filtration devices, mini-refrigerators, and portable power supply units.

Apply for climate-related supports

Housing supports
(available November 2024)
These include help with rent and utilities, getting or keeping housing, moving costs, and home modifications.

Nutrition supports 
(available January 2025)
These include no-cost nutrition counseling, meals, pantry items, and fresh produce.

HRSN services at a glance

Cost: HRSN services are free to those who are eligible.




You may be eligible for some or all HRSN services if you:

  • Are an OHP member
  • Are in transition—for example, if you:
    • are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless 
    • were in a psychiatric facility, jail, or prison in the past year
    • were ever involved in child welfare services
    • are becoming eligible for Medicare in the next three months or enrolled in Medicare no more than nine months ago
    • are a youth with special healthcare needs (starting in January 2025)
  • Have a high-risk medical condition

Getting HRSN services

PacificSource team members can help you get screened for HRSN services. If you’re approved, you’ll receive HRSN services at no cost, and you can opt out of receiving these services at any time. A care coordinator will work with you to make sure your care plan includes the services you receive.

PacificSource team members will also let you know which services you can get and help you make related appointments.

To be screened for and receive HRSN services, your personal data may be collected and used for referrals. You can limit the way your information is shared.

If you are the provider or caretaker of an OHP member, you may reach out to PacificSource team members on their behalf to find out if they qualify for HRSN services by calling 541-284-7964 or sending an email to


For providers

For providers who want to provide HRSN services:

Flexible Services

If you don’t qualify for HRSN services, you may be able to use Flexible Services instead to cover certain items or non-medical services that improve health but are not part of your health plan. Examples include weighted blankets, air purifiers, exercise classes, or exercise gear recommended by your doctor, as well as items or services provided by the HRSN program.

Any member currently enrolled with a PacificSource Community Solutions health plan through OHP is eligible to request Flexible Services by calling 541-284-7964.

Requests for Flexible Services must meet the following criteria:

  • The item or service must not be a covered benefit under your health plan.
  • The item or service must be cost-effective and have a demonstrable health outcome (evidence-based or widely accepted best clinical practice).
  • The item or service must be part of your treatment plan.

Application for Flexible Services (PDF)

Application for Flexible Services – Spanish (PDF)


For more information about HRSN services or Flexible Services, call PacificSource at 541-284-7964 or send an email to